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Our Story


As the sun rises over the ocean each morning, so the Concha team rise to the occasion of making your day a memorable one. Our name has been derived from the Concha shell that has thrived in the ocean for centuries, and so, our intention is to be deeply rooted in our local seaside community, now, and for many years to come. The ancient shell has a noticeable point at both ends, as is our motivation to be noticeable from the start of your day to its end.

Our journey started with three individuals, on the same path to bring freshly baked breads and pastries along with the finest roast of bean to the street sides of the Ballito village. Our Portuguese inspired flavours are infused into our menu bringing the charm out of the old and into the new. We love what we do, working in perfect unity to create our version of heaven from kitchen to plate, with love, to you.

Whether your preference is walking, running, cycling or swimming, our unique location makes it possible for you to have these activities at your fingertips. And so, we invite you to join us with your families, friends and your pets. Whether you’re here for a good time or a long time, we’ve got a place for you.

Welcome to our piece of happiness, where we strive to be real, authentic and flavourful. So smell, touch, taste, listen and laugh. Delight your senses, breathe it in and don’t be too serious for it’s the little things that make the big difference.