Our Story

Born of both foreign and local influences this little family run bakery provides something off the beaten track. Situated in the heart of the old Ballito Village, one gets a sense of belonging while Gazing over the ocean as it rolls in, drinking a beautifully assembled drink and indulging in a freshly baked pastry or bread.

Soaking up the sun and breathing in the crisp ocean air one realises that Portugal may be an ocean away yet is right at their doorstep. Concha offers breakfast and lunch with a strong Portuguese influence in the café style. Along with the café Kitchen concha also offers decadent waffles, delicious ice creams, artisnal breads, unique pastries, gluten free health options, smoothies, radical milkshakes and an attentive genuine passion for excellent service.

We look forward to welcoming you in to our cosy little shop after a run, surf, ride, alone or with your family soon.

Fresh Breads

We take pride in offering our freshly baked artisanal styled bread to the public daily. By only using unbleached stone ground flour, traditional methods of preparation and pouring in nothing but love the results speak for themselves. All our breads are available as a side choice to accompany any of our breakfasts served in store or take away.


Very few scents can beat the aroma of freshly extracted coffee that has been perfectly blended, matured and roasted for your pure pleasure. First thing in the morning or late on a summer afternoon join us for a cup to enjoy a fundamental part of our culture! Retail beans available in all styles and sizes.

Food & Pastries

Traditional in essence, fresh in execution. Our breakfast, café lights and pastries all embody elements from the new and old era of Portuguese cuisine. The key to our freshness is using locally sourced, organic ingredients that show their true beauty on the plate. All our pastries are baked in house from scratch and displayed fresh daily. Our café light lunch menu shows the Portuguese influence by offering Prego rolls, Bitoque and other fantastic traditional items.

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Where we are

18 Compensation Beach Road

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+27 32 815 2992

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